Live life jungle style on the African Safari

The African Safari  is any nature lover’s Utopia. The best way to enjoy the safari is to enjoy the experience of staying in the various kinds of lodges. Some of the lodges are designed for comfort like the Sopa lodges while there are others like the roof top lodges which are designed to give a safe areal view of the wild life below. The Sopa lodges offer almost everything that a five star hotel has to offer. These lodges are exquisitely designed to give a good rest after a tiring day of adventure.

Treetop lodges are a major tourist draw in African Safari as they give a person the close feel of being with the wild animals the hunter style. As it was a practice of hunters to have tree top lodges built to hunt the game below. Today one can hunt the game below with a powerful camera. One should not forget to carry extra batteries and extra memory cards as every moment is worth being snapped.

The tree top lodges consist of large windows coupled with a roof deck to have a look around. The open roof deck is also equipped with viewing directions. The lodge consists of a dining room with a bench style seating. The bedrooms are small closets with dark wood panels and small windows. On the whole to live up to the legacy of the great African Safari one must experience the lodges.